How long will it take to sell my house?

This is the most frequently asked question during a conveyancing transaction. An average conveyancing transaction usually takes 8 – 12 weeks, however, many factors can affect this such as:

  • If you are purchasing a property with a mortgage, depending on your survey report, the lender may require additional information/reports completed on the property before releasing any mortgage money. There may also be matters which we uncover during the transaction which requires the lender's authority to continue
  • Your purchaser/seller may be in a chain or have certain circumstances which could delay things (i.e. holidays booked or mobbing requirements on certain dates)
  • If a Management company is involved
  • Issues with the survey
  • Delays with search results
Legal issues with title to the property

Who organises the survey on my purchase?

We can assist if you would like a recommendation for a surveyor to prepare a report on your proposed purchase. We do not automatically offer this within the standard purchase transaction as many people purchase with the benefit of a mortgage, and proceed with a survey via their lender

What is probate?

When a client passes away, if a Will has been prepared, the executors appointed in the Will need to deal with the deceased’s assets. This can include a property, bank accounts, stocks and shares and any other assets that the deceased held.

To deal with the administration of the estate, it is necessary to apply for a Grant of Probate form the local Probate Registry. If the deceased has not left a Will, then administrators have to deal with the deceased’s affairs, usually with the help of a solicitor.

This is called a Grant of Letters of Administration. Whether one deals with a deceased’s estate under a Will, or otherwise, you are essentially gathering all assets in, paying all debts, selling and disposing of property and dealing with the tax affairs of the deceased, whether income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. We are able to deal and assist in all these matters to the client's satisfaction, given the enormous experience that we have in this area of law.

Can I apply for probate myself?

More people are choosing to try and navigate themselves through the minefield of administration of an estate. However, a large number of people who choose to “go it alone” often come to us to assist, when they encounter a problem or difficulty in the probate process. Whether it be the complication of an IHT document or dealing with a particularly difficult asset company, it is often the case that legal assistance and advice is needed at some point. Indeed, we often hear from clients that we help in this way that they wish they had come to us to in the first place.

Is a Grant of Probate (or Grant of Letters of Administration) always required when someone dies?

Not necessarily. If the person held all joint assets with another and everything passed automatically by survivorship, you may not need a Grant. It is still a good idea to seek legal advise in any event following the death of someone, especially if there is a property involved, as deeds may need changing over into a sole name.

Will I get a copy of the LPA?

You will get the validated original copy of the LPA (or you can choose to leave that with us in our client safe for you for safe keeping) and we provide you with 2 certified copies for use at the bank and other institutions as required) further copies are available on request.

How many attorneys can I appoint?

You can appoint as many attorneys as you like. We advise you to appoint a minimum of one attorney and one replacement attorney. Your attorneys can be selected to act jointly (all must agree before a course of action can be taken on your behalf) or jointly and severally (they can also choose independently of how to act in your best interests)

Which LPA should I choose?

This all depends on what you want for your attorneys to be able to do for you. An LPA for property and financial affairs will allow your attorneys to decide on financial matters for you including decisions to be made with the bank, bills, and payments.

An LPA for health and welfare allows your attorneys to decide whether you reside in a care or residential home and healthcare decisions including GP or Hospital treatment choices.

You may decide that you want both instruments preparing, and in that case, we offer clients a reduced fee for completing the two LPA’s for you.

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